Angular 2 interview questions

Blow are the list of Angular 2 interview questions . Questions list also includes few questions of JavaScript and HTML.

1. Angular component lifecycle and directive lifecycle

2. Difference between directive and component

3. Difference between promise and observable

4. Angular 5 feature and other latest version feature and project example

5. Difference between angularjs and angular 2 difference

6. What is Typescript and which version of TypeScript you are using and explain some feature of Typescript.

7. Typescript vs JavaScript

8. var number? Check in typescript

9. How to implement using security routing and explain routing for navigation

10. What is ngmodel ?

11. What is lazy loading of component?

12. Explain Hoisting in JavaScript.

13. In angular how two component can communicate. Explain communication between parent and child communication.

14. Semantic elements in html 5

15. Explain feature of CSS3.

16. What is Anti forgery token?

17. What is CSRF?

18. Which framework using for testing in angular: jasmine and karma

19. Why jasmine and karma ?

20. What is protractor?

21. What is dependency injection in angular?

22. What is the difference between declaring provider in module vs in component?

23. what  is promise.all?

24. what is Event lookup in JavaScript?

25. Explain difference between settimeout and setinterval in JavaCSript?

26. what is Prototyping in typescript and JavaScript?

27. Explain callback function in TypeScript?

28. What is custom directive and example?

29. What is restrict in directives?

30. What is isolation scope?

31. What is difference between http and httpclient in Angular?

32. Angular 2 vs Angular 5 and other latest version of angular

33. Explain bootstarp grid?

34. What is entry component in Angular and why it’s being used in angular?

35. Different between put and post methods of http?

36. Difference between ngonint and constructor in Angular?

37. Difference between ngonchanges and ngdochnages in Angular ?

38. How to implement polymorphism in typescript give example.

39. Explain few of the design patterns used in Angular ?

40. Explain style and coding guideline for Angular ?

41. How to do communication between children to root parent.

42. Difference between Absolute and sliding expiration.

43. Difference between Cookies and local storage .

44. Explain few features of html 5.

45. Write code to fetch data from webapi using angular give code example

46. what is closure in JavScript?